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Mack Crandall, TLLP


Moody Theological Seminary | Master's in Counseling Psychology


My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University in 2013, and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Moody Theological Seminary in 2022. My professional training includes a Level 1 certificate in Gottman Method Couple’s Therapy, and one year of supervised clinical practicum. My experience includes working as leader in a 12-step recovery program called Celebrate Recovery: The Landing from 2012-2013, providing emergency telecommunication services as a 911 operator from 2017-2022, and leading as a volunteer group leader and facilitator at Faith Covenant Church since 2015.


Counseling is conducted in a professional manner by a trained therapist who aims to ameliorate the mental, emotional, and spiritual health of a person, couple, family, or group by addressing, alleviating, and assisting in managing the psychopathological symptoms manifesting in the client’s relational, social, and cognitive life. As a lifelong counseling student and practitioner, developing and refining both my academic and practical knowledge in the field is a priority for the sake of my professional life and the mental well-being of my clients. I practice by utilizing a variety of theoretical orientations to meet the needs of my clients. In addition, I practice with a holistic approach to therapy by considering the relational, social, cultural, physical, and spiritual aspects of my client’s life. Bearing in mind the whole person is paramount in my practice in providing effective therapeutic treatment, as well as establishing and maintaining the therapeutic relationship between the client and myself throughout the therapy process.