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Jeremiah Lang, TLLP


Michigan School of Psychology | Master's of Clinical Psychology


I received my Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology in 2022. At the Michigan School of Psychology I trained in the Humanistic Method of psychology as well as CBT methods. During my time in the Master’s program I interned with Triton Behavioral Health. Through my internship with Triton, I conducted assessments at Connor’s Creek Hospital for individuals with traumatic injury. In 2020 I volunteered with Crisis Text Line to provide services to those in crisis.


Humanistic Psychology affirms the inherent goodness and positive potential in each human being. Everyone has the capacity for self-actualization and self-direction. I believe in meeting every person at their own levels of capability, and personalizing treatment as needed through collaboration. Humanistic psychologists stress that everyone is not merely a product of their immediate environment, but that self-image, innermost feelings, and individual needs are a fundamental part of each human.